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6 Energetic Shifts to stop doubting your greatness and get more of whatever you want now (clients, money, time, confidence....even orgasms).


To hitting $20 - $50k months as a fulltime Mum working from home.

How did I go from plateaued income in my biz...

Or giving away my power to coaches...

To finally knowing I was the answer I’d been searching for.

Not wanting to be seen as the face of my business with the 25kgs I’d put on in my 3rd pregnancy...

To loving myself unconditionally, and confidently posing for brand photos showing a whole lotta skin.

And, how did I go from my husband telling me my dreams were “unrealistic”...

To taking our family traveling internationally for 7 months, buying a luxury new caravan and adventuring around Australia for 9 months, buying our dream home & continuing to come up with these “unrealistic” goals together. 

I stopped waiting for the right clients and opportunities to show up

I stopped thinking I had to lose weight before I could show up / make more money / attract higher paying clients.

I stopped getting lost in the fear of “what if this doesn’t happen!?”

I stopped accepting the underwhelming money hitting my bank account each month.

I stopped just wandering through my days on autopilot.

How? Well I remembered how amazing life gets to f**king be 

You don't need to invest in another business strategy.

You need to start feeling lit up from the inside.


Show up with a poised, confident assuredness because you know your value and don’t need to prove it.

Fill up your offers with full paying clients over and over and over again.

Clear your debt, create sexy bank balances and become open to receiving more money than ever before.

Ask for exactly what you want – in all areas of your life.

Stop hiding behind the lens and get your whole self IN the photos.

Surround yourself with little touches that reinforce the message that you love & take care of yourself.

And prioritise pleasure every day by putting you at the very top of your to do list.

That is what WORTHY work is all about.

Which is the whole point of this whole "designing your life" thing anyway, isn't it? To step into your desires and live them out NOW. Here's what happens when you do exactly that. You:

As big as you can think, MORE is available to you.

Questioning yourself, overworking, wondering if you’re selling the right thing, if you have the right pricing, the right strategy, if your content is good enough…..if YOU are good enough. All of this is just a habit.

(And the good news is that habits can be broken & released).

The answer to way more money and sales is “I am worthy” ENERGY.

If you were to step into the Worthy woman energy, your entire business and life would explode faster than you can imagine.

At any point in time, you’re either in the energy of the Worthy woman (an upward spiral), or the energy of questioning yourself, undervaluing yourself and lingering in worry (a downward spiral).

To create everything you want, you step into the worthy woman energy and create a win. Which leads to another win. And that leads to another win. The spiral keeps going up.

The Worthy woman gets everything she wants because she has broken the old beliefs and released the patterns that used to push her towards the downward spiral time & time again.

Your desires are meant for you. Every single one of them.

The simple truth?

You'll no longer use money to validate your worth and will be discerning about the clients/work you actually wants to take on. Hell yes to dream pay-in-full clients.


Claim your identity as a worthy woman; the kind of woman who gets more of whatever she wants. “Too good to be true” will be your new standard.


Pinpoint what's been holding you back from what you truly want and learn exactly how to let go of who you've been taught to be.



A 6 week upward shift to unlock EVERYTHING you desire to be/do/have

Babe, it’s time to lock in your new standard. More money, clients, time, confidence & orgasms over and over again from here on out. Worthy every damn day.

Practice the art of letting go of self doubt / comparison / judgement from others through the lens of creating amazing sexy/fun/embodied selfies

Love Your Self(ie)

Clear debt and learn to receiving more money and get massive clarity on exactly what to change and how to change it to hit your next income level.


Pleasure Every Day


Release the Past

Create Your Future

How the Worthy Woman crafts her to do list with herself as the #1 priority (and the surprising results when you put pleasure before business).





So let's explore and lock in that truth.

It's time to stop doubting your greatness and get more money, clients, time, confidence (and orgasms)

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Deep down you know you're worthy.

LET'S DO THIS | 4 x payments

You know you’re made for more and can create anything you put your mind to

You see “30k months with that work from home lifestyle” and say “I want that too!”

You compare yourself to strangers on the internet and look outside of yourself for answers frequently.

You question the shit out of your ideas and your action.

You frequently put yourself last on your to do list.

And you put your dreams and goals on hold for because you don't think you're ready just as you are now; with your exact body, education, experience, readiness, confidence. 

I already know
this about you.

And yet, you still believe you were made for more.

How do I know all of this? 

Because that was me too.

Which means if I can learn to make feeling Worthy my default (instead of worry/doubt/fear) and get more clients, more money, more confidence (and more orgasms) just as I can you.

And I want more women like you showing up in the world, feeling truly worthy of getting everything you want.

Imagine everything that would change once you feel truly worthy?

The offer’s you’d launch. The money you’d make, The bikinis you’d joyfully wear.

Unapologetically showing up in the world, sharing what you have to offer.

I believe this work right here in Worthy is the foundation for you to start asking for exactly what you want AND knowing you are worthy of getting more of *whatever* you desire (yep, orgasms too).

This is 6 lessons but it's work you can come back to over and over and over again.

I already know you're worthy.

The truth is....

What's inside....

6 pre recorded self-paced modules (aka the 6 shifts) designed to bring massive clarity to step into your desires and live them boldly.

Daily affirmations & journal prompts (soul work) that are - crystal clear and actionable so you can begin to embody this work immediately and get the most out of the program.

Lifetime access + unlimited replays + any future updates to all content.

Worthy Spotify playlist to dance and journal along to.

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A unique online experience including self-paced classes and a community group chat which:

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A tools and resources hub to help you stay on track and implement your learnings so you can:

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Exclusive access to your teacher (that's me!) via weekly Zoom calls and email support to help with:

LET'S DO THIS | 4 x payments

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It's time to stop doubting your greatness and get more of whatever you want.


You will have lifetime access, unlimited replays, and any future updates to all content.

As with all of my programs, I will constantly review the content and add new trainings as time goes by.

How long will I have access to the program?


As soon as you join, you will have access to our Member Hub. Think of this as your Netflix style biz Library. Watch the trainings in your own time (we even have an app to use while you're on the go!).

When you join, you'll get instant access to the welcome party, and the remaining modules will be dripped out every 2 days (you'll receive an email notification each time the new content is available for you).

How will the content be delivered? 


If you access the content and dislike my teaching style, you may request a full refund within 48 hours. Because of the digital nature and immediate access to the product, there is no refund policy beyond this.

My lawyer would also like me to remind you that while I deeply believe in all of the programs I sell, I don't guarantee results or increased income. The results from testimonials my not be typical for all students.

Do you have a money back guarantee? 


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