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You're a multi-passionate entrepreneur who's done with putting all your eggs in one (revenue) basket and are ready to expand your business without all the complicated-ness (totally a word) that usually comes with launching digital offers.

TL IS A Repeatable system you can keep refining to bring in quick cash injections into your business and build genuine connections with your audience for the long run.


Designing & creating Tiny Offers to create momentum and build your authority quickly.

Tiny Launch supports you in these 5 ways

Power Pricing: The key elements to pricing & selling digital offers (I have a lot to say about why most people don't get this part right)



(but the lessons will keep on giving long after the 4 weeks are over)


My simple process for launching your offer in a way that feels like a non-stop confetti toss.


BONUS: My Multi-Offer Income Calculator. Don't be put off by the nerdy title....this is gonna be your new best (money) friend for your future launches, and beyond.


Overhaul your old beliefs that limit your creativity & revenue when creating new ways for your audience to buy from you

Tiny launch

14 days to create & launch your new idea online

Digital Strategist, Business Mentor, Coffee Lover, Overachiever, Homebody and Snack Queen. 

My favourite days are behind a laptop screen, creating ways for entrepreneurial women to grow online businesses, work less & earn more.

I created Tiny Launch because I was sick of seeing AMAZING entrepreneurs put months and months into creating courses, memberships or coaching programs that didn't end up selling very well. 

I knew that they'd skipped a few crucial steps along the way that makes all the difference between opening up the doors to your offer to the sound of silence, or the sound of dings from your Stripe account as the clients roll in. 

The key is in simplifying, starting TINY first. 

Which is exactly what I've learnt from my personal experience in growing my multiple 6 figure per year business. First in the Network Marketing industry. And now as a Business & Launch Strategist.

And if you're ready, I can help you do this too. 

Hi i 'm alice!

From tiny things, big things grow.

This      for you if:

You're a multi-passionate entrepreneur wanting to diversity your revenue and create/launch aligned digital offers to your audience

You're looking for a magic pill / quick fix TO GROW your business. I work with entrepreneurs who want to learn their own energetic capacity + build genuine long term connections with their audience.

You love a bit of woo woo (abundance, alignment etc)....but you're ready to combine that with a simplified practical strategy for maximum IMPACT.

You're not willing to invest money in your business 

You have plenty of ideas for online services and products for your just don't know where to begin with selling them

It's probably       for you if...

You don't like money, living your best life, or helping people



It's probably       for you if...

You might be wondering..

As soon as you join, you will have access to our Member Hub where the recorded live training calls will be uploaded.

You will also receive an invitation to join The Happy Collective VIP Facebook Group for sharing your wins, wobbles & wonderings about all things Tiny Launch.

How much time do I need for this program? 

The calls are 60 minutes (or a tiny bit more) and are live. But you can take the trainings at your own pace if you prefer to tune in for the recordings. And it means you can revisit areas you need at any time - or jump into our private Facebook Group to get help on areas you would like feedback on.
I recommend you allocate 3 hours a week to learn and, importantly, put what you takeaway from the weekly coaching calls into practice in your business.

The time you put into Tiny Launch will grow your business. Prioritise it ;)

What if I've sold online courses or coaching packages before? Will this be too basic for me?

Let me've purchased a course (or courses) before and as soon as you hit the BUY button, the creator throws you into a facebook group and ghosts you. Sound familiar? I get it and unfortunately there's VERY expensive courses around where this happens all. the.time. And it's the exact reason we have a VIP facebook group for all of Alice's customers and clients (old, new & current). You can ask any (and all) questions and be fully supported by me (Alice) as well as the other entrepreneurs who are Tiny Launching.

Can I wait to join the next live round of Tiny Launch? 

Who knows what the future holds. Kidding....but seriously.

At this stage, the final live round of Tiny Launch was in Jan 2022 so now the program is 100% Self Paced. 

How will the live coaching & training calls be delivered?

Let me answer your question with a question. Are you launching and selling out your programs or services? Are you achieving your desired revenue goals from your launches? If not, there’s no such thing as too basic….you most likely have some of the elements working from your past launches. But if you're not selling out your launches or seeing progress, then you have some great areas to work on. Tiny Launch will support you with that.

Do I need an offer that's created & ready to launch?

You can come into Tiny Launch simply with the desire to launch digital offers and you'll get a lot out of the 4 weeks. You'll get the MOST out of this program if you already have a warm audience of people who already follow your business online (or who are on your email list) and are interested in your services.

That's the long way of saying, you don't need to come into Tiny Launch with something ready to sell. BUT you do need to have an existing business with people already buying a product or service from you.

What support will i get when I join?