Turn your followers into fans & make Instagram the growth engine for your Network Marketing / Social Selling Business

Turn your followers into fans & make Instagram the profitable growth engine for your modern Network Marketing business.

without paid ads or spending hours per day online

scroll on if you're into it.

I see you constantly hanging out on Instagram but not getting any closer to your biz goals.

And I know your pain. 

I've interviewed dozens of fellow network marketers and what I hear most commonly is this:

"I spend way too much time on Instagram"
"I don't know how to find new people"
"when I post something, no one comments"
"the market's saturated so no one will buy from me"

And here's what I tell them every time:

Instead of focusing on the latest viral trend or posting pics of your kids. Or just procrasti-scrolling, you need to get real about solving problems for your audience and applying strategies that help you attract leads, more enquiries & more sales

Hey there NWM friend,

and I can help you do that.

Here's what no one tells you about growing your network marketing business on the 'gram...

Here's what no one tells you about growing your nwm biz on Instagram..




Even if you have an audience of thousands, you have to post click-worthy content if you want them to buy from you. So obvious, right? But here's the not so obvious bit...

It's time to  turn your Instagram audience into a massively profitable modern network marketing business

Are you fully owning your message?
Have you planned your sales strategy and the days each month where you'll intentionally offer your product for purchase?

Are you speaking in lingo that your audience doesn't understand?

Are you getting sweaty pits over every unfollow, worrying if you've offended someone or if they don't like you?

(and how to guarantee your posts command attention)

When you combine solid strategy with fearless expression, your followers become customers.

Here's why you may be struggling to convert your audience to paying customers

INFLUENCE is a 9 week Instagram marketing course for Network Marketers, who want to turn followers into fans, attract more leads and enquiries & grow a thriving online community.



If you're going to command the engagement & sales, you absolutely must learn to move through your fears around being seen and owning space in other people's daily scroll.

is the first Network Marketing course to teach modern marketing strategies alongside addressing your internal dramas around putting yourself (perfectly imperfect) loudly and proudly all over the internet.


You whip up a IG sales strategy for the first time ever in your Network Marketing Business (no more winging it)

Picture yourself

You wake up to a message in your DMs from a follower who's ready to buy your product after seeing your IG live





Your revenue grows steadily and consistently because you've designed your business in a way that focuses on revenue (not just rank)


You fearlessly express yourself; no longer hesitating to take an incredible selfie or press publish on a powerful post


If you choose to go full-in, all of this is possible,

and more.

You feel worthy and understand the value you have to offer your audience

Own Your Story & Re-Write a New One

Love Your Self(ie). No more hiding behind pictures of your (cute) kids or delicious looking breakfast.

Build Your Personal. Learn how to stand out and be seen with your values, voice & story even though thousands of people are selling the same product as you.

Let's warm up that algorithm, create buzz with your audience and learn how to create non-icky ways to find and network with potential customers.

Sneak peek inside INFLUENCE





It's time for me to give you permission to be salesy (in a squirm-free kinda way), to master your money mindset and create some very sexy systems to support your business for the long game.





Projects to complete within the INFLUENCE framework


Self Serve Resource Hub (access in between lessons)


9 Weekly Lesson Drops in your online course home


Growth Gatherings: Monthly, via your bonus 12 month membership to The Modern NWM Co.

An annual membership for modern Network Marketers and Social Sellers who are ready to be more visible, feel more confident and get ongoing training + support as you uplevel your business through Instagram, Facebook and organic online marketing.

Get a bonus 12 month membership to The Modern Network Marketing Co.

Support & community in the Modern NWM Co.

Bonus: Community + Ongoing Support

A year from now you
will have wished you started today....

So let's get you started!

Three Steps to Begin...

Choose the payment option that best suits you (pay in full or 12 monthly payments).

First This

You'll be prompted to set up your own unique login & password for your own beautiful online learning home base 

Then this

You'll receive immediate access to the course home (lessons drop weekly from July 8th) & link to join the modern NWM Co Community. You'll have to imagine the virtual confetti we excitedly throw your way to commemorate the step you've taken to invest in your self & business (woo hoo!)

then this

4 years ago I was starting to get some momentum in my NWM business but I still felt like i was on a never-ending treadmill when it came to social media.

Posting, scrolling, winging it. 

Spending too much time online and not IRL. 

Hiding behind pics of my (super cute) kids and wishing that I looked more like the mermaid influencers; all effortless beach-beauty, without a back roll or cellulite in sight and earning squillions of dollars from their mermaid-ish Instagramable lifestyle.


I committed to sharing more of myself and learnt how to show up and connect in a way that was fun, engaging and encouraging (for me AND anyone following along).

I stopped caring about the unfollows and focused more on what I had to offer that was beautiful and different. 

Everything changed quickly after that because I wasn't wasting time on Instagram or pretending to be someone else.

Today I have a customer community of 10,000 and courses that my audience have been excited to buy as soon as the doors opened.

(not only that, I love the communities I've created and every person in them)

Hey, I'm Alice!

In 2015 I was 8 months pregnant with a toddler at home and a mortgage to pay when I quit my job to start my nwm business...

I'm not special. You can create this kind of success for your nwm business too. AND I want to help you do exactly that.

but it wasn't always this way.

But I knew I’d rather take a leap and follow my instincts that told me there was more out there for me than a traditional job and being limited to office work hours and 4 weeks of holidays a year.

We're now a family of 5 and when we're not living in our home by the beach, we're traveling Australia in our 21ft caravan; and loving it.

LEARN at your own pace




This program + community has everything you need to make Instagram the growth engine for your modern Network Marketing Business

This      for you if:

You're a network marketer or social seller who's ready to truly take your niche by storm and deliver your epic level of support to more people

You're not in the network marketing / social selling industry. We love ya, but this course isn't for you

Instagram is ONE OF your fave social platform to share your life & biz on AND YOU ARE READY TO USE IT MORE EFFECTIVELY FOR YOUR BUSINESS GROWTH

You don't have 500 people in your audience yet (meaning at least 500 people on your mailing list or social media followers). 

You want to fill your calendar with amazing customers, build your reputation as the go-to in your niche and keep hitting those dreamy NWM financial milestones

It's probably       for you if...

You subscribe to the 100 names list / hustle mindset, and aren't open to modern, ethical & authentic approaches to growing your business



It's probably       for you if...


Let's Do This Thing!

Questions people ask before saying YASSSSSSSSSSS to INFLUENCE

INFLUENCE is an online course made up of 9 different projects for your to complete. Each week a new lesson will go live in your online INFLUENCE membership site, accessible with your own unique login & password. The monthly masterclasses in the Modern Network Marketing Co. will be dropped into your Growth Library in the membership site and you'll be able to connect within our community (currently on facebook)

I just have too much on right now to commit to this....

I get it. Time is precious and you have a lot on your plate. I won't hard-sell you on this if it truly isn't the right time for you. However, please know that I designed INFLUENCE to feel spacious and nurturing (not stressful or hustle-y). When you join INFLUENCE, you'll find yourself being more effective with your time, spending less time on social media (maybe weird since this is a course about Instagram) and create more time for yourself and your family. Sound good? 

I prefer facebook over Instagram. Will the content still be relevant?

Yup! There's a few specific details that are Instagram specific (like how to maximise features like Reels and Carousels) but largely you can adapt a lot of the lessons to suit facebook too.

What support will I get as I move through the course? 

Let me guess....you've purchased a course (or courses) before and as soon as you hit the BUY button, the course creator throws you into a facebook group and ghosts you. Sound familiar? I get it and unfortunately there's VERY expensive courses around where this happens all. the.time.  And it's the exact reason that you get 12 months of ongoing support & community in our Modern Network Marketing Collective when you purchase this course. That gives you plenty of time to learn, integrate everything, ask any (and all) questions, and surround yourself with people who are on the same growth path as you which means you're more likely to succeed (yup, this is called this positive peer pressure....it's legitimately proven to help people achieve their goals).

How will this course be delivered?

What accessibility accomodations are available? 

Can I just come to the next round?

Can I access the content from my phone? 

What's the Modern Network Marketing Co.?

Can I bring my team or a friend?

Your membership site will include written transcripts of all videos & audios, and all video content will include closed captions. If you require additional accessibility accomodations, please reach out to our team so we can help at hi@aliceabba.com. 

Yes, INFLUENCE is available via an App which makes it super easy to access INFLUENCE and the Modern NWM Co. anywhere and anytime.

Who knows what the future holds. Kidding....but seriously. I'm opening the doors to INFLUENCE now but I'm not sure if it will open again in 2021. If you feel like the words here are speaking to you, then I'd love you to join us!

The Modern NWM Co is an annual membership community for modern Network Marketers and Social Sellers who are ready to be more visible, feel more confident and get ongoing training + support as they uplevel their business through Instagram, Facebook and organic online marketing. As an INFLUENCE student in 2021, you get a bonus 12 month membership valued at $588 (woo hoo!).

Yes, the more the merrier! Though, one enrollment (payment) is per student. So your friend and/or team will need their own enrollment to do this course with you (pssst: we'll know if you share your login details ;- ).

How do I begin?

Easy! Scroll down, choose the payment option that best suits you and you'll get a welcome email with next steps as soon as your payment is processed.


Transformational lessons within INFLUENCE


Number of times I happy danced while creating INFLUENCE


The year I first started teaching Modern Network Marketing


Number of my podcast episodes downloaded (Network Marketing Coffee Hour)

Let's do a quick quiz shall we?
Get a score of 3 or above, then you're in the right place my friend. 

You started your Network Marketing or Social Selling business because you love helping people and sharing your value. And yet, you're out of your depth when it comes to the whole marketing online malarkey. You want simple and successful modern strategies so you can spend your time focusing on what you're best at. 

You give a sh*t about taking an ethical and authentic approach. 

You're just setting out with selling your product and business opportunity and instead of wasting endless hours in a Google hole or relying on "trial and error", you want to nail the whole marketing on Instagram thing right out of the gate. 

OR - you've been trying to get momentum for months (years even) and while you admit you still have a lot to learn along the way, your numbers STILL aren't quite where you want them to be and people still aren't seeing true value in what you're offering.

Still deciding whether this is for you?

So....are you ready to create the kind of INFLUENCE on the 'gram where you don't go after customers but they come to you?