Biz bff & goals coach, here to help you grow your nwm business, with organic online marketing and an
anti one-size-fits-all approach. 

Say hi to your real life Alice in Wonderland 

In 2015 I decided to quit my full-time job and begin my nwm business, at 8 months pregnant. We had a mortgage to pay and no business plan beyond ‘winging it’

But I knew I’d rather take a leap into the unknown. And I'm so thankful for 31 year old me for making that decision, because 4 years later my nwm business reached the top 1% of leaders in my company. 

These days my favourite kind of days are when my kids sleep in until at least 6:30am (rarely happens) and then I grab my coffee and spend the morning behind my computer screen, blending together creativity & business strategy for people who are dreaming of career autonomy and money freedom (like I did for the very first time 6 years ago).

Hi, I'm Alice Abba (yep Abba, like the Swedish pop group)

A coastal Mum of 3, with salty hair and freckle-kissed skin. I believe in possibility and that the world needs that special gift that only you have. 

Oh, and I'm obsessed with real talk & hot morning coffee.

You're dreaming of those $10k months but feel trapped in the same old month to month hustle.  

But you've lost your vision lately and everything feels a bit blah. You're ready to bring back your potency, to have a solid plan to bring back flow to your business again.

Are you ready to create your dream biz?

a purpose-led business owner wanting freedom from the hustle + creative strategy to soar.

you are....

Great news, my sweet friend

I'm here to guide you to a place in business where limiting beliefs are conquered and your vision is lit up on fire.

If you hear one more time to "show up consistently" you're going to vomit. Or throw something across the room.

And I get it. 

There's nothing more frustrating that the (terrible) advice to just keep doing more of the same if what you're doing isn't actually getting you results. 

You don't have a consistency problem.

You just need to uncover your potency. 

You are capable of achieving your biggest goals and wildest dreams. I’m your nudge of possibility [big vision] and clarity [the steps to get there].

Travel somewhere new every year (expanded horizons makes better humans)

Create spaces where ALL people can be both held and free

Don't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life

Kindness costs nothing but means everything

These values also drive me in everything I create & every decision I make. 

My passion (and biz) is fuelled by joy, kindness & collaboration.

It's not just coffee and creativity that excites me.

my business values

Setting big (scary) goals

What makes me feel alive? 


Family and friends

What makes me happy 


my favourite things


My fave home style


My gawd...SO many! Here are a few

My fave books


Vodka, soda, grapefruit + a drop of lime

Fave summer drink


I can help you uncover the genius already within you.

Ready to make some magic?